National Park

Zall Gjoçaj National Park

Zall Gjocaj National Park

Located in the Dibra and Mat district. Current size by is 140.00 ha. Park small, but together with him and the area around the park Lura has very high values ​​of biodiversity and a variety of habitats, plant and animal species. Meet with pine forests, arrnen, fir, beech and endemic species of subendemic, alpine meadows, glacial lakes, numerous streams and a special characteristic fauna. From large mammals meet the bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus), lynx (Felis lynx), deer (Capreolus capreolus), and birds eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), etc .. The park is very important and a core for large mammals. In addition to scientific and natural values, the park and the area around it has great value both aesthetic, landscape, tourism very attractive for domestic and foreign visitors. Natural resources and biological and landscape beauties bring great potential for the development of tourism as an important source of income for the park and local residents. No management plan.
Digitized boundaries include:
a) In the North: The point with coordinates (4432694.22L / 4620575.42V);
b) In the East: The boundary of the national park "Lura" and points with coordinates (4432559.64L / 4619399.78V);
c) In the South: Count with koordianta (4431570.05L / 4618940.61V);
d) In the West: The point with coordinates (4431752.13L / 4619977.71V).



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