Bogova Nature Park

Bogova Nature Park

Situated in Berat and district of Scraper. Current size by is 330.00 ha. Managed Nature Reserve Bogova ( Skrapar ) , ecologically appear in good condition . Its size by is covered mainly by bush , dominated ilqja ( Querque ilex ), Frequency after ilqes , presented heath, Mare, juniper , etc . Most off the ecosystem is presented in good condition and stable ecological conditions . This situation is reflected in the variety of fauna .

Digital Geographic Borders:

a) North: Yeast of Valës (684.5 m)(4425679.43L/4492602.97V), quotes 581.0 m, joint point with Osum rive with cordinates  (4407587.20L/4492820.32V);
b) East: Joint point with Osum rive with cordinates (4407587.20L/4492820.32V), passes by the side of Osumi River unitll to the quote of 179.0 m (4427597.40L/4491795.30V);
c) South: Quote 179.0 m (4427597.40L/4491795.30V), follows osumi river unitll to the point with cordinates  (4425866.08L/4490913.07V);
d) West: Point with cordinates (4425866.08L/4490913.07V), follows the path with quotes 662.0 m, pedestrial way untill to the yeast of  Vala (684.5 m) (4425679.43L/4492602.97V).



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