Lura National Park

Lura National Park

Situated in Dibra district. Current size by is 1,280.00 ha. Area with very high biodiversity. Pine forests, arrnen, fir, beech and shrubs; endemic, several subenddemic sspecies and relict trees. Glacial lakes abound with aquatic vegetation ( water lilies ) and characteristic fauna quite special for our country; alpine meadows (mountains ), etc. Large protected mammals as bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus), lynx (Felis lynx), chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), among birds we highlight the presence of the wild turkey ( Tatrao urogallus ) and eagles (Aquila chrysaetos). The park has scientific, aesthetic, landscape and touristic values that are very attractive to local and foreign visitors. Natural and biological resources, also the landscape beauties bring great potential for the development of tourism as an important source of income for the park and residents. The environmental situation is very serious.

Geographic cordinates includes:
a) North: Point with cordinates (4432433.07L/4630364.16V), follow the line down the Lake of "Lopeve te Tushes" to the point with coordinates (4434005.23L/4629885.37V);
b) East: Point with cordinates (4434005.23L/4629885.37V), follows the line below of the Great Lake, to the point of beginning of Spring "Kroi i Bardhe" (4433705.09L/4620034.33V);
c) South: The Spring "Kroi i Bardhë" (4433705.09L/4620034.33V), interrupts the auto-mobilistic road and goes to the point with coordinates (443305.09L/4620034.33V);
d) West: Point with cordinates (443305.09L/4620034.33V), follows the watershed and the border between the districts of Dibra and Mat, quotes 2062.4 m, 1924.0 m, 2063.8 m, 2119.5 m (K.Lurës) to the point with coordinates (4432433.07L/4630364.16V).



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